WAY-VMD best tools


hallo , ini adalah pengumuman.


Package one

- 1 device

- Have access to all features

RP, 25.000/monthly


Package two

- 2 device

- Have access to all features

RP, 50.000/monthly


Package three

- 5 device

- Have access to all features

RP, 100.000/monthly


Frequent Questions

Really, we get asked this often.

We get asked these questions a lot, so we made this small section to help you out identifying what you need faster.

What is the number from the WAY-VMD?

No, each user uses their own WhatsApp number, we only provide the service.

Is there an API and Webhooks?

WAY-VMD provides a Rest API as well as a webhook for the needs of dynamic bots or some sort of website notification.

Can send a button message?

Yes, WAY-VMD already supports sending button messages, be it list buttons, url buttons, or call buttons.

Is whatsapp gateway official?

WAY-VMD is not an official whatsapp provider, we are Unofficial Whatsapp Gateway.

Is there a guarantee that WhatsApp numbers will not be banned?

WAY-VMD does not guarantee that your number is safe from being banned, please use it wisely.